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In Ashkenaz Jewry (which includes most eastern European Jews), the bride and groom do not see each other the week before the wedding. The reason given for this is to increase anticipation. However, for my husband and me, increasing anticipation was certainly not needed at this point! I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait for the day when my soul mate and I were to be united. However, I found not seeing each other to be beneficial for many reasons: first of all, it allowed me to actually get some work done, finish planning, focus on out of town guests, and complete my own personal preparations. And mostly, I think of it as a safety precaution! By that time, my soon-to-be husband and I were so lovey-dovey and excited that it would have been quite a risk for us to be alone in a car. I certainly would have walked into a door or tripped over my feet had we been running errands together.

Often, on the women’s side, the bride will be sitting in a beautiful chair with the guests lined up to greet her while exchanging blessings and good wishes. On a person’s wedding day, she/he has great spiritual connective power. Because of this, the bride and groom will pray for others in need and give blessings to their guests. When you get to greet the bride, it is a wonderful idea to give her a blessing as well. This day is the beginning of her new life with her husband, so give her some positive advice on love and wish her all the happiness in the world. Make sure to do the same for the groom! Find more intrested information on .

So, if the bride and groom are not seeing each other until the actual wedding ceremony, this makes for an interesting reception! The bride and groom will be in different areas, greeting the guests separately. Generally the groom’s side will consist of mostly men and the bride’s mostly women, but you are allowed to go say hello to both of them no matter which gender you are. s



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